Chemical Residue Testing

Our chemical residue analysis and testing provides detection to trace residue levels using innovative and indepth techniques.

Chemical residue analysis testing is performed by our skilled staff on a wide range of materials, using advanced analytical techniques. We offer fast turnaround times, providing services to GLP, GMP pharmaceutical and biomedical facilities.

Samples are analysed at our UCAK laboratories.

Residue trace analysis identification techniques include mass spectrometry, surface science, chromatography, NMR, IR spectroscopy and other advanced instrumentation.

Chemical residue testing (Specific compound Investigation): A Sterile swab can be used to swab an area/product where the residual chemical levels need to be established. The analysis will look at volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds using mass spectrometry methodology.

Chemical residue testing (Presence/Absence): A sterile swab can be used to swab an area/product for the presence or absence of chemical residue. The analysis is non-compound specific, and uses Phenolphthalein solution to confirm presence or absence of chemical residue. This test is a good validation of the efficiency of rinsing and washing machinery.

ATP Sampling Chemical Residue Testing

Castium offer ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing as part of our bespoke decontamination package.

ATP is an energy molecule found in all plant, animal and microbial cells. It fuels metabolic processes such as cellular reproduction, muscle contraction, plant photosynthesis, and respiration in fungi and fermentation in yeast. All organic matter (living or once-living) contains ATP, including food, bacteria, mould and other microorganisms.

Our ATP Hygiene Monitoring System’s allows the operative to pre-load sample numbers and locations onto the handsets. The handsets use bio-luminescence to provide an instant result as well as storing the information for instantaneous review.

Microbiology Services

Castium offer UKAS accredited testing.

We offer a wide range of microbial, chemical and biochemical testing to support infection control programs in; GMP cleanroom technologies, pharmaceutical production, healthcare, life-sciences and many more.

Contact plates: 55mm TSA (Total Bacteria) & 55mm SAB plates (Fungi). These are used for environmental monitoring to check surfaces for microbial levels.

Settle plates: 90mm TSA (Total Bacteria) & 90mm SAB plates (Fungi). These are used for environmental monitoring to measure the rate in which viable particles settle onto surfaces. These can also be used in certain active air samplers.

Water microbial testing: Water samples can be tested for a range of microbial threats and chemical purity tests.

Air Sampling

Castium offer air sampling for microbial and particulate counts.

Castium are equipped with pump powered and passive monitoring equipment. Our pump powered systems are designed to monitor microbial levels as well as particulate levels, and are fitted with their own filtration system. Our passive system is designed to monitor microbial counts and can be easily deployed.