Deep Cleaning

Castium have built their reputation through providing start-up sterilisation programmes for some of the UK and Europe’s leading production, research and development facilities. In doing so we have come to realise that the most important phase is the ‘Deep Clean’

By working with vapour decontamination companies Castium created a deep cleaning programme to ensure any gaseous bio-decontamination is successful. Without an accurate validated service a facility could be falling at the first step.

By working with the client it is important to create a service that not only achieves the correct standard but also meets the clients timelines.

We have over 15 technicians on hand which gives our Castium consultants the ability to make every endeavour to meet a clients desired timelines.

All Castium technicians are specifically trained in a range of techniques which is documented in their training records.

Castium are validated and approved by the British Institute of cleaning sciences.


Castium provide consultation and will formalise an in-depth report detailing our advice and recommendations.

Over the years Castium consultants have offered advice on start-up sterilisation, deep cleaning, micro animal pest prevention and control. Furthermore, Castium have become increasingly involved in the design during contraction or refurbishment of hygiene sensitive facilities. Castium work with the client and the construction project team to ensure work is completed to a correct and functional level from a biosecurity perspective.

A Client will be assigned their own dedicated Castium consultant, who will attend meetings, offer advice and prepare a detailed report displaying their findings and recommendations. Throughout the clients consultancy with Castium, they will be on hand at all times to ensure that the client receives a bespoke service that they are happy with.

For GMP areas your Castium consultant will advise on a range of matters, including; materials, chemical rotation patterns and frequency of cleaning to ensure that the area in question is maintained to the correct standard.

In pharmaceutical areas there are many challenges with product contact areas and gross contamination. Castium senior consultants have over 25 years’ experience in finding solutions to some of the industry’s most demanding contamination issues.


In 2014 Castium were approached by a large pharmaceutical manufacturer to help them resolve an ongoing issue that was having a detrimental effect on a worldwide distributed product. The future of this product was in the hands of our consultants.

Castium created a detailed bespoke service to fit around production schedules and extremely challenging parameters. The product is currently still found in most shops and pharmacies to this day.

Of the main challenges faced when working in pharmaceutical environments is the use of chemicals and the impact they have on the product.

The byproducts of pharmaceutical production can often be a contributing factor in a contamination, the removal of this byproduct is frequently the biggest challenge.

Castium technicians are trained and have access to a wide range of specialist cleaning products.

Restricted Access

Due to the exigencies of individual building design and layout, it isn’t always possible to utilise certain access methods for the purposes of cleaning. In such circumstances we draw on the full range of our skill sets and expertise to ensure that our teams can undertake their work safely, using appropriate equipment, and following strict guidelines and procedures, ensuring the project is completed to the highest possible standard.

The cleaning of ceiling voids are a place which is often overlooked in most people’s cleaning regimes, mainly because they are hard to reach and difficult to clean. However, we have found contaminated voids to be one of the main causes of room and facility contamination.

Warehouses and storage facilities can often be challenging to clean due to the high ceiling levels and the logistics involved in running these areas.

We have fully qualified IPAF and PASMA team members.

Castium offer a bespoke cleaning service for cleaning at height within warehouses using mobile platforms and have an unsociable hours service to work around shift patterns.

Food Hygiene

Castium work to the TR-19 standards in providing commercial kitchen deep cleaning services, this provides clients with a certificate of decontamination legally required by insurance companies.

Our representative will instruct on the frequency of ductwork cleaning based on the volume of usage and local authority food hygiene standards.

Maintaining hygiene in food preparation areas requires an instantaneous validation. Castium use ATP sampling to monitor continuous levels throughout any cleaning programme.

Castium are accredited by the BICS, the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences.

Floor Care

It is often noticeable that flooring may discolour through a build up of ground-in marks, dirt and stains as a result of day to day traffic despite regular cleaning.

Castium offer a ‘floor deep cleaning service’ and ‘polishing service’ to restore the aesthetic appearance and in doing so lowering the burden and risk of contamination.

Different flooring requires different techniques and aftercare. We offer a range of services for the following floor types;

– altro vinyl – polished concrete – anti static –  vinyl tiled flooring – epoxy resin flooring – commercial grade rubber flooring and many more.

Using a wide range of equipment including; scrubber polishers, scrubber dryers, rotary floor washers, industrial floor vacuums, steamer vacuums, hot and cold pressure washing equipment and  maintenance floor cleaning machinery.

GMP Cleaning

Castium offer cleanroom consultation, maintenance cleaning and UKAS microbiological validation.

Castium work using EU-GMP guidelines which recommends that cleanrooms are cleaned thoroughly, that there is a written cleaning programme and if using disinfectants? more than one is used. There are many factors that will affect the choice and frequency of use of disinfectant, including the process and cleanroom class, residues, what format the disinfectant is available in how easy it is to use and the environmental impact, among others.

GMP maintenance and commissioning

Castium currently run multiple cleanroom maintenance contracts throughout the U.K. We also have the expertise to take a newly built facility and commission it to the clients requirements.

Microbial control within GMP grade Cleanrooms.

Rotational cleaning is essential to control bio-burden, which is the amount of bacteria living on a surface and in the air. Castium use a sporicidal, biocidal and quaternary rotation to make sure bacteria don’t build up a tolerance to treatments.

Castium provide a rapid response service to ensure the GMP area remains in specification.

Contract Cleaning

Castium hold cleaning maintenance contracts with a number of facilities and organisations across; Life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical production… Both in the UK and in Europe.

To provide an all-inclusive cleaning service from maintenance of hygiene levels within Grade A and ISO level 1&2 cleanrooms to offices and even external pathways plus much more.

We believe it is important to let the scientist focus on the science. Let the animal technicians look after the animals and let Castium take care of the cleaning and provide you with the environment you need to complete your work.

Castium are insured up to £15 million for contract cleaning services. We have a number of service vehicles operating around the UK with rapid response service if required.