The Castium decommissioning service has become an ever expanding part of our business.

The client is able to create their own service built up by selecting; the level of clean, the chemicals used and the type of validation.

Within a manual decommission we have three levels of clean. These are dependent on varying factors including; the use of the facility after the decontamination, works carried out in the area and any existing protocols.

Many of Castium’s other services may be incorporated to create a bespoke solution; equipment decontamination, fumigation service and vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP).

Level One

A level one decommission would be a surface wipe down with disinfectant not carrying out any microbiological validation but receiving a certificate of decontamination.

A level one service is selected if there are no discernible contamination’s however provides peace of mind to the construction company or people entering the area in the future. This service is often selected if the facility is going to be demolished or is looking to undergo serious construction works.

Level Two

A level two decommission would be selected if there was recognised contaminants or pathogen concerns that may pose a threat to people or animals.

This service would be recommended if the area was undergoing  a renovation or a change of use. This would be a deep clean and disinfection ensuring all gross contamination was removed validated with a bespoke service based on the contaminants in question and a certificate of decontamination.

For an expeditious solution Castium have various on the spot validation methods.

Level Three

A level three decommission incorporates all of the same services included in a level two with the addition of an aesthetic clean. This will include removal of marks, tape, residues, scale, a deep clean off the floor amongst others.

Clients often select this service if the area or facility requires handing back to another party, possible end of tenancy.

There are various bolt on services that can be added to a decommission including equipment sterilisation, storage and logistics.