The consultation phase is a crucial part of any start up sterilisation programme. Your designated Castium consultant will be on hand to answer questions, attend meetings and provide advice on a range of issues faced when commissioning a barrier facility.

Castium not only work with the client but also have experience working with the construction project team to ensure work is completed to a correct and functional level from a biosecurity perspective and provide a smooth transition from a construction site to a hygiene facility.

Castium are registered under the CIS (Construction Industries Scheme) and CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) the therefore can work directly with your construction company. Castium are already an approved supplier to many construction companies who specialise in building hygiene facilities.

Deep Cleaning

Castium have built their reputation through providing start-up sterilisation programmes for some of the UK and Europe’s leading production, research and development facilities. In doing so we have come to realise that the most important phase is the ‘Deep Clean’.

Without a successful deep clean you may invalidate the efficiency of any gaseous sterilisation process, this process can often be an expensive process to repeat.

To ensure that the level of deep clean completed is too an adequate standard to commission a barrier Castium build a bespoke validation process.

Castium cleaning and fumigation technicians are qualified under the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) this allows our teams to work under construction site rules. This often helps with timelines and also can identify any areas of concern whilst construction is still active.

Bio Decontamination

Castium source and work alongside specialist VHP contractors and have extensive experience in running the two services side by side to achieve maximum efficiency when bringing your new facility on line.

Pinworm Treatment

When establishing whether your facility requires a pinworm treatment you first need to establish…

Would pinworm be an issue inside your new barrier?

Many construction materials are stored outside and are open to the elements and there is always a high potential for these products to have come into contact with wildlife that may carry the pathogen.