Chlorine Dioxide Sterilisation

Full facility, rooms, sensitive equipment, in-situ and offsite programmes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour

Specialist in bio-decontamination using HPV following bespoke deep cleaning.

MBSC Decontamination

Decontaminating multiple makes and models of MBSCs, using market leading equipment.

Cleanroom Cleaning

Technicians trained to ISO, GMP standards. Commissioning and maintenance cleaning.

Equipment Storage

25000sq ft of pharmaceutical grade environmentally controlled space & logistics.

Contract Cleaning

Castium trained technicians, to carry out routine cleaning programmes on a daily basis.

Mould Remediation

Coldstores, wash rooms, ceiling voids and full facilities. Plus spore inactivation.

Testing Services

Chemical Analysis, Colony Forming Unit Counts & Total Organic Carbon Testing (TOC).


Bespoke protocols for cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation or contamination.